Foundation Course

Basic Yoga Training for Self Transformation Practice for those who want to explore yoga more deeply as a practice.

SUMMARY-100 hrs-11days

Basic Training for Self Practitioners.

Foundation Course

Count as a credit hrs towards yoga teacher training courses

Theory and Practice

Major activities:

Certification upon completion affiliated with Yoga Alliance

Daily mantra chanting, meditation, asana, anatomy, and philosophy

10 nights’ and 11 days accommodation in a safe location for all female and male

3 fresh vegetarian meals and 1-time tea and 1-time light drink & snack

1 outdoor meditation

Fee: USD: 1000.00

Participants accommodation Numbers: 4 to 15 pax


  1. Introduction to transformational yoga
  2. Difference of transformational yoga from other types of yoga
  3. Study of theory and practical techniques of transformational yoga
  4. Energy mechanism of transformational yoga
  5. Conceptual understanding of chakras, Kundalini, and their relation to meditation
  6. Introduction of the seven chakras and their relation with the four bodies
  7. Element mantra for the chakras
  8. Introduction to pranayama (kapalabhati, brahmari, and nadi shodhana)
  9. Introduction to yoga Nidra
  10. The five koshas - layers of human existence
  11. Diet and lifestyle for meditation and yoga teachers
  12. Basic transformational yoga sequence
  13. At least five meditation techniques - theory and practice
  14. Five prana (apana, samana, maha, udana, and vyana)
  15. Invocation of Divine Mother light through mantras
  16. Joint cleaning
  17. Thought observation and awareness techniques
  18. . Practices on technique of detachment with unnecessary emotions & feeling
  19. Concept of Impurities, its effects, and purification techniques of the four bodies
  20. Practice of transformational yoga
  21. Technique of transformational yoga