Transform 2018



  • Reflexology: Reflexology is an ancient healing practice that involves applying pressure to specific areas of the feet, hands, or ears to stimulate a healing response.
  • Kerala Ayurveda (Oral Practitioner): Ayurvedic medicine is one of the world's oldest holistic healing systems. It was developed more than 3,000 years ago in India. It's based on the belief that health and wellness depend on a delicate balance between the mind, body, and spirit.
  • Pendulum Dowsing:  Just as radios pick up information from unseen radio waves, the pendulum is a powerful antenna that receives information from the vibrations and energy waves emitted by people, places and thoughts.
  • 21 Coral Asten: 21 coral asten is a powerful energy healing system. The energy is transferred according to the condition of the problems through the different fingers in different points of the body in a sequential manner. 
  • Reiki, Micro World: Reiki Micro World is a beautiful non touch energy healing technique, it is generally used for removing any type of severe or mild pain in body within a healing session of just three and half minutes.
  • Infinity Consciousness Healing: Infinity consciousness healing is the process of connecting 108 nodule points (micro energy chakras) in our body in one sequence.
  • Lama Fera Healing: Lama-Fera is an energy healing system that has been practiced over the centuries in the Buddhist monasteries of the Himalayas . It is used there for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing.
  • Astrology: The mind, the body and the environment, and all they contain, form an undivided field and each of our chart features can express themselves in any and all of three main arenas.
  • Reiki Training: An ancient Japanese practice which means 'Light' (rei) and 'Universal Life Force Energy' (ki). Reiki will accelerate the return of damaged cells or weakened systems to a state of natural health. 
  • Usui Shiki Ryoho: The system taught by Usui Shiki Ryoho emphasizes the value of self-treatment as the core of the practice, encourages the treatment of family and friends.
  • Yoga: Yoga is a spiritual practice that allows your mind to soften and your heart to open.
  • Kundalini Energy Awakening: According to Tantra, kundalini energy rests like a coiled serpent at the base of the spine. When this dormant energy flows freely upward through the seven chakras(energy centers) and leads to an expanded state of consciousness, it's known as a kundalini awakening.
  • Shiddhi and Diksha Initiation: The word diksha describes the transference of high spiritual energy from a teacher/guru to an initiate, after initiation it process of transforming the higher level of energy to the disciple and devotee which leaves a permanent change in the consciousness of the initiate and marks the beginning of taking on a serious spiritual discipline. A diksha serves as a link or bridge to the potential states we can begin to surrender to and eventually become.
  • Para occult Science: The occult is "knowledge of the hidden". In common English usage, occult refers to "knowledge of the paranormal", as opposed to "knowledge of the measurable", usually referred to as science, the knowledge of secrete of birth and death, birth and reincarnation, pass birth regression.
  • Mudra Bigjyan: This is totally related to energy, this is more powerful than the spoken word and it can create different type of powerful energy to manifest people desire, can  also use for blessing for whole  world’s living being and nature’s welfarewe. It can generate the energy and use it for our prosperity, well-being and abundance and heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually. It can protect from physic attack and door way of the Samadhi( the situation is solve
  • Five elements activation of human body [Panch tatav jagaran]: The five elements are the cosmological foundation which makes up our bodies, the world, and the entire universe. Without these elements, everything around us and within us will cease to exist. They do not only make up the fundamental constituents of our bodies, but the subtle aspects of our internal spiritual being as well. Thus, through the purification and activation of these five elements, we are able to balance ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.
  •  Hunkara with Haleem: Hunkara with Haleem is used to enhance the mental capacity of people from 5-60 years. The symbols used in this system make life peaceful.Is the world’s most required course for School Going Children, IT, BPO Sector, Judicial, Researchers, IAS, IPS, Officials, Marketing and Management personnel to enhance the working efficiency. It is an excellent technique to improve the Concentration, Sharpen Memory, Skills – essential – for achieving targets. It is an easy method to get promotions by providing work. Students can improve memory inhibition and communication skill to ensure success in examination and selection in interviews.
  • Activation of Psychic points: Human body has 157 secretes phychic points while these activate than very tiny waves of the motions can be felt and psychic ability and institution will be activated  to truly get somewhere on the path to inner knowing and seeing such as releasing  fear, knowing truth, self-existence and purpose of birth, etc.

About Navaraj Acharya

Acharya Shivanada (Navaraj Acharya) is a professional healer that has been dedicated to the development of spiritual growth for over 12 years. He has used his own spiritual discovery to learn the deeper meanings of energy, to practice and teach the channelization of the cosmic energies through our bodies. He has spent years learning new spiritual healing and alternative therapeutic techniques, developing techniques within himself, that he applies for the good of all. His moto is to rid all of the misery and suffering within ourselves, and bring joy and peace to all. Having more than then 12 years’ experience the field he has devoted his time to becoming a master of energy healer, expert of spiritual counselling, yoga & mediation master, developing Tantra Sadhana, Shiddi Byash and Prana techniques.

  • Completed Reiki Class (level 1 and 2) of Bikashnanda; 2003 and 2004.
  •  Siddha Ashram Shakti Kendra: In 2006 he became a disciple of Narayan Datta Shrimali, learned Tantra Shadhana for 5 years (affiliated) which included: Lal Bahadhur Dakal: advance course of Reiki, hypnosis and tantra sadhana.
  •  Stayed with Lama Nawang Ringing (Dhan Yonjan); Nepal Reiki dhyan Kendra after death of Lal Bahadur Dhakal.
  • Associated to Trikutanada he spent 3 years (2014- 2017) learning Sadhana. He would partake in Spiritual Practice healing, connected with Sadguru Satyananda (through inner guidance) his guided meditation and spiritual practices grew exponentially. He would understand and practice enlightenment, self-realization, god realization and one of God through Satya Margha and Aghor Margha.
  • Affiliated with Tapaeshowri Nanda, India in 2015. He would take an Aghor Dikchhya, Kapalic Dikchhya and earned the name of Sivananda. Affiliated with her to this day. He would use this time to learn more Tranta Sadhana, Sidhis Byash, etc.
  •  Learnt with Shyami Vidhyananda and practiced a deeper level of yoga, tantra, healing and prana techniques in 2016.
  • Facilitated organizational spiritual counselling to more than 100 personnel, has completed dozens of office cleanses.
  • Yoga practice: self-practiced from the suggested reference books throughout his enlightening journey.