What is disease?

Everything that exists seen and unseen are connected to each other, inseparable from each other to a field of divine oneness.  Divine all knowing, the matrix, pure consciousness or universal mind energy, sometimes also known as Life Force or God.

According to scientific research; disease occurs when there are negative emotions trapped inside you, the trapped feelings block the energy flowing within you. We are all a form of energy and channelization of energy make us feel alive, when these negative feelings pile up it disturbs the flow of energy which will eventually manifest in the form of abnormality or disease.

Our bodies are made up of cells, which are in turn made up by atoms. Atoms have three elements; electrons, neutrons and protons, which are always vibrating with the energy. Every cell has its own consciousness, and the emotions and thoughts that we produce affect each one of our cells vibrations. If the energy is formed with negative inputs, through food, feelings and actions, the energy becomes blocked, manifesting as problems within the body, mind and soul. For a healthy life, a balance is a must, channeling our energies brings about the balance that we require. Energy healing cleans and transfers energy to activate a flow and bring about the equilibrium we require.

Energy healing is connected with divine energy descending therefore this is known as Spiritual Healing as well and it is about working with illness, dis-ease, and dis-harmony from multiple angles. When using spiritual healing to address illness, we focus on bringing harmony back to reinforce a person’s whole body-heart-mind health.

Healing goes beyond medical treatment. It includes spiritual growth, intellectual expansion, physical cures and other interventions.


Using alternative healing therapies such as; Lama Fera and Reiki, we will heal through your energy field. All physical matter has an aura, this can be called the human energy field, or subtle body within human beings. Our techniques can help solve both psychological and physical issues you may be having...


    <li ">Stress and Depression

  • Anxiety
  • Schizophrenia Hallucination
  • Bi Polar
  • Sleep Deprivation
  • Grief
  • Past Wound Healings
  • Soul Healing
  • Past Life Karma Healing


  • Migraine
  • Sinus
  • Blood Pressure
  • Kidney Failure
  • Digestive Disorder
  • Various Physical Ailments
  • Age Regression
  • Cell Regeneration
  • DNA Healing


  • Office
  • Institutional
  • Career Healing
  • Dream Healing
  • Institutional Cleanse and Heal
  • In-House Healing

Lama Fera

Lama translates to ‘Sadguru’ and Fera the ‘Techniques of healing’, Lama Fera heals a variety of physiological, psychic and chronic physical issues, removing the negative energy and reconstructing damaged cells beginning the auto healing system of the body. The Energy of Lord Buddha is channeled through the healer and targeted towards the disease or illness. This undertaking of Lama Fera has a multitude of benefits including; increasing spiritual abilities, relieving pain and discomfort caused by chronic disease, removing unwanted spirits, overcoming fear, anxiety, stress and helps you to connect with your higher self. The techniques used in Lama Fera were discovered by Buddhist monks to reduce sorrow and heal physical, mental, emotional and spiritual pain. Sadguru Satyananda Ji , a teacher in spiritual healing and enlightenment techniques, developed the concept of LAMA-FERA in 1995, under the grace of the Honorable Traditional Tantra Guru “ATMANANDA” and “MANDOSA” a Buddhist saint.
Sad Guru Satyanand Ji converted the mantras (approx. 450,000 mantra vibrations exist) in graphic form, called Symbols by using Shalvik Mantra Rahasya and added in this technique. Furthermore, he designed some tools for all people to have the ability to practice easily the methods, without long and tough meditation sessions.




The Reiki healing energy is transferred to the client through the healer’s hands, which are usually placed directly on the body or clothing. A typical Reiki session is conducted with the client lying on the floor and lasts between 45 minutes and an hour. Reiki is an excellent healing technique in the case of traumatic injuries such as lacerations, bruises and broken bones. Reiki energy can significantly accelerate the body’s own healing processes and strengthen the immune system to further protect the body. Reiki is a healing energy that comes from the Source of Life itself. As it is multidimensional and operates beyond the limitations of our physical realm, it can be a catalytic factor in a person’s personal evolution.