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“We have the special packages and counseling sessions in the form of training and workshops to drive organization to their goals, train the art of thinking, perceiving and our job’s linking with law of Karma and its implication on own life, organization and career.”

Work-life balance is important because it affects the well-being of individuals, families, and institutions/organizations. After all, people need time and energy to participate in family life, democracy, and community activities. They also need time outside of work for rejuvenation, to develop and nurture friendships and their “non-work selves.” Now a day’s organizational psychology has a huge demand and stress is also one of the results while people associated with organization could not understand the psychology of individuals and organization. Organizational psychologist Ellen Kossek and her colleagues describe a sustainable workforce as “one whose employees have the positive energy, capabilities, vitality, and resources to meet current and future organizational performance demands while sustaining their economic and mental health on and off the job.”

An important question in the field of workplace concerns the relationship of this construct with employee work attitudes. Each individual is unique and talented no matter what position he/she holds, based on job nature and requirement they are placed in hierarchical structure. To fulfill given responsibilities, every one need social skill and emotional intelligence's. “Emotional intelligence" is person’s ability to recognize and understand emotions within self and others, and an ability to recognize own emotions and their effects in professional and personal interpersonal relationship.



  • Stress Management: Emotional Free Technique [EFT]
  • Career Counseling
  • Team building through spiritual counseling
  • Goal Setting
  • Character Building
  • Leadership and decision making
  • Memory Enhancement: Hunkara with Haleem
  • Midlife crises counseling


The word stress has been common and famous which can be defined as “a state of psychological and physiological imbalance resulting from the disparity between situational demand and the individual's ability and motivation to meet those needs.” Due to hundred reasons it comes in human life. Though within organization, employee stress causes can be Career Concern; Role of Ambiguity, Role conflict, Rotating work shift, work load, work under load, Interpersonal and Intergroup Conflict, Organizational Changes and many others. Outside the organization they have to perform social role as well and at the same time changes in financial condition, conflict within family member, and sociopolitical changes, technology changes etc. Due to these thing stress is normal in organization though addressing stress timely and rightly is very important.

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  • Career Counseling
  • Team Building Through Spiritual Counseling
  • Goal Setting
  • Character Building
  • Leadership and Decision Making
  • Memory Enhancement; Hunkara with Haleem
  • Midlife Crises Counceling